Sunday, June 24, 2012

My First Recipe!

Hooray! My first recipe! No pictures are going to be in here today, I'm away from my tablet. So I recently became a member/fan of I've been stealing recipes all day, and I thought hmm, give one back. So I took a recipe I found and fixed it. So it's partially mine!
  Here is the website: Bacon Hashbrown Recipe well, its the link. HAHAHA! I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome back, Me!

Hey! I'm back! I bet none of you even noticed, but I'm hoping to get back on track! So l have made a list of what l want to blog about. This way, you get a sneek peek and I have a list of things to write about.   Tada!! And here it is!

Not only that list! But this one as well!!!

 Look forward to these posts as much as l look forward to bedtime!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Semester has gone to the internet

Just a simple semester in art class. Got an A too! Redditors will be so proud

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Almost Setting the Apartment on Fire

Well I was going to write this weeks ago, but life came up and before you knew it, It is past Thanksgiving! So before I delay any further; HOW I ALMOST SET THE APARTMENT ON FIRE

So I agreed to help Heather and her family be the clean up crew for the Huntsman's Senior Games.  This clean up includes eating what awesome food the old athletes ate, and then when the ceremonies were all over, we folded table cloths and emptied trash cans. Pretty much free food and then having to do like 5 seconds of cleaning. Sounds totally awesome, right?

Wrong. The problem with this is that the ceremonies took FOREVER!   By the time they were over, you were as old as the fogies in there and those fogies were reduced to skeletons! Who wants to sit through that!?!?! NOT I SAID THE CARALYN!

Saggy boobs... ewwww

But I did! And I did it with dignity! I was an attractive worker! I wore jeans that fit well and the ugly blue T-shirt that they gave you I made it work!  I worked hard and did it in STYLE!! OH YEAH!

But enough about that! You want to know how I almost set the house on fire and how old people have anything to do with this, right? Right. So let me explain:

I love cocoa. Being a cocoa fanatic, I almost always have a mug or a some magical chocolate container system that feeds cocoa directly into my bloodstream. Just kidding about that last part but doesn't that sound awesome?!

Oh yes, that was a seagull! I was going to draw me in space, but I really wanted to draw that seagull! So I'm chilling in the sky!

So I'm at home boiling some water for my daily dose of cocoa and all of a sudden Heather comes out and says we gotta go help out at the Huntsman, I jump up and grab shoes and throw on that ridiculous shirt, and we leave thereafter.

So this time it was the swimming fogies, you know, all the ones that like to show off their saggy bodies and their turtle speed.

These outfits make me puke a bit in my mouth thinking about it.

So we go, and we're watching the little performance that these old ladies did. Songs included the Pink Panther, so you can assume how they were dressed... in boas.  *shudder*   Well I get my delicious food, Stuff it down and realize that they didn't make enough for everyone, so I just leave and text Scott that he can call me. 

He calls, and we are chatting before he has to leave for a trip up north. He leaves for a bit to pack and while I wait Josie calls me, and tells me she came home to grab something in the house and the house was all smoky and I had left the pot on the stove left on high! She said all the water had boiled out and the pot melted.  But that wasn't the problem.  The problem was that the whole house smelled of nasty melted, burnt, charred, fake tefflon. You know, the stuff that makes pots, pans, and cookie sheets non-stick? That stuff. Well I was stuck at this old people's event, and until I could get home to help in anyway (Which at the moment I couldn't think of anything..and even now, nope. haha) Josie was stuck with opening all the windows, turning on the fan in both the living room and the bathroom and disposing of this immensely hot pot. (Ooh! A rhyme!) 

So meanwhile, Scott calls back, I fill him in on what happened, and he is like, "Way to go toots"! He then has to leave to go to a family function and I'm left to suffer with the old people and their messes. I fill in Heather on our dilemma, and she's more concerned with the pot than the smell (Which is understandable because it is her pot) 

We arrive home, the whole house STINKS!!!!!!  It was to the point where we didn't want to be in there because it was so stinky.  Not to mention the whole house had some sort of smelly radius.  Not pleasant for our neighbors to smell either.

So there is that lovely picture. Now on to the rest of the story.  Well we run around and turn on the fan in the bathroom, on the stove range, all windows opened, doors opened, the works, and then we go outside to breathe, because you could't stay in there for more than a few minutes without thinking that you were either going to die or get cancer. Weighty options you could say.

So we chose neither. We gathered clothes that we thought stunk and brought them to Cierra. She told us whether they did or not.  

She didn't know but all the things that stunk we bagged up in big trash bags (lemon scented) and our sleeping stuff and departed for Josie's family's house.  We were up till 2 in the morning doing laundry, although it was really Josie doing it... And Heather and I watched Moulin Rouge and after my bedding had gone through the wash, I could finally sleep.  I woke up early and folded the remaining laundry and placed all into garbage bags and laundy baskets. We just had to wait for Josie to come home from a singing event and so we waited. I played with Gus the doggie... and Heather.... slept. 

Not such a bright doggie....

Josie came home and we departed for home. The fabreezing that we had done last night (a whole bottles' worth) (that I negected to tell you about) and the remainder of the other bottle in the morning cleared everything else up.  The house smelt fine and no one robbed us when all of our windows were open. Life was great. We made our beds and put our clean laundry away, and just chill in our almost burnt down house. Life was good! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Background!

My dear sweet Boyfriend made me a very special background and surprise posted it! Any new changes are due to that sweet man! Since you can't see the whole background I will grace you with the picture! Isn't it lovely!


Hopefully, you readers (if you are out there) and I will see changes together!! Exciting! Thank you so much Scott! I love you!! ☺

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Quick Comic

Surprise comic!!!


(Strangled them)
(Punched them)
(Mauled them)
(Glomped them)
(Hugged them)
(Loved them)
(Baked them a delicious cake)

and for my dear sweet Boyfriend...
(Married them)